About Us

Carmichael Lynch was established in 1962, and we’ve been re-establishing ourselves every day since to deliver the Unfair Ideas that give our clients an unfair advantage. Because we believe that’s what this business requires: a fresh perspective, a new approach, and an interdependent group of people dedicated to taking on whatever new challenge or opportunity the day brings. That’s why we bring a holistic approach to marketing, gathering together the best of all disciplines under one roof. We understand that today’s modern companies need a creative partner that works the way they do: fast, open, and collaboratively. Which, done correctly, is itself a little unfair.

Our Clients

We’re incredibly fortunate to have the partners we do. That’s why we work so hard to keep them not just top of mind, but deep in hearts.

What We Do

Account Management

To make truly great, effective work, you need a business partner between our office and yours. Someone who knows your consumer. Understands your business. And lives and breathes your culture.

Brand Planning

In Brand Planning, we delve deep into your business. We get to know your audience. And we unearth what makes them tick, move, make choices and decisions. When the strategy makes a straight path to the heart, the advertising will, too.


The Creative Department assignment is simple. Take all the great thinking and form it into brilliant ideas that inspire consumers to engage with brands, redefine categories and give you an unfair advantage.

Integrated Production

We’re a full-service production group that can find a way to make anything happen. We bring ideas to life across digital, film/video, social and in-person experiences to engage consumers.

Media Planning & Buying

We focus on the consumer. We learn everything we can about who they are, how they think, and where they live. Then, with actionable insights, we leverage our media and content provider partners to deliver with efficiency and power.

Marketing Analytics

We’re all swimming in oceans of data. The trick is turning data into something useful. Distilling it down to the exact, crystal-clear drop that lets you know immediately how to power your business forward. It’s math, not magic.


We bring brands to life online with a comprehensive range of digital and social media services – including content creation – and are able to scale these services based on your unique situation and resources.

Public Relations

A key differentiator for Carmichael Lynch is Carmichael Lynch Relate, our award-winning PR firm. While the two remain separate, stand-alone agencies, together they snap together to provide a fully-integrated offering.

We recognize the importance of culture at Carmichael Lynch and see it as an investment, not an expense. We seek to inspire our employees and come together as creative haymakers.


Diversity of thoughts, background and experiences is paramount in creating unfair ideas - more than 30% of our agency is actively involved in our diversity inclusion action league.


An inclusive culture is essential in effective cross-discipline collaboration. We undertake great effort in educating our employees on one another as people, developing practices that promote inclusivity and providing resources for new employees.

Volunteer Activities

Carmichael Lynch employees volunteer more than 1,000 hours per year with various organizations. We've refurbished houses, served meals, painted murals, made blankets and more.

Roofstage Pass

We've hosted more than 35 concerts on our 17,000 square foot rooftop, bringing in local food and drink vendors to help celebrate the Minnesota summers.

Health and Wellness

We take pride in the Health & Wellness of our employees. We have a fleet of bicycles for employee use, lunchtime yoga on the roof, an in-office locker room, and weekly massage therapy.


These lunch n' learn events create a forum for employees to share their unique passions outside of work. Nearly the entire agency attends and learns about ghost hunting, owning a brewery, climbing expeditions, extended volunteer efforts abroad, and more.

Green Team

The Green Team helps facilitate and promote sustainable operations - working to increase recycling and composting, reducing waste, and even maintaining a rooftop garden in the summer.


We proudly support parents and families with an agency Parent's Group, Family Date Nights, leading parental leave policies, phased return, multiple mother's rooms, and more. We were also named a 2018 Outstanding Company for Working Mothers.

Our People

An agency is its people. And these are ours. Thinkers, makers, dreamers, artists, analysts, coffee-consumers, and a surprising amount of bikers from all over, from all walks of life, who make Carmichael Lynch what it is today.

Marcus Fischer
Chief Executive Officer

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Julie Batliner

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Marty Senn
Chief Creative Officer

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Lachlan Badenoch
Chief Strategy Officer

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John Green
Chief Financial Officer

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Carol Frazer Haynesworth
Director of Multicultural Strategy and Inclusion

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Stacy Janicki
Director of Account Management

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Randy Hughes
Executive Creative Director

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Erika Collins
Senior Director of New Business

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Neil Goodspeed
Media Director

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Milton Un
Design Director

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Rebecca Lunna
Senior Vice President
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Arielle Farness
Senior Media Planner
Larry Luangrath
Technical Lead
Jill Schmidt
Executive Vice President
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Grete Lavrenz
General Manager
Carmichael Lynch Relate
William Stentz
Director of Marketing Analytics
Jake Folska
Associate Content Producer
Steve Diedrich
Information Technology Director
Olga Leykind
Associate Media Director
Emily Moe
Director of Human Resources
Tatyana Podolyanchuk
Senior Biller
Loren Purcell
Brian Lambert
Creative Director
Todd Flom
Senior Web Developer
Amy Lofstuen
Senior Presentation Specialist
Amy Parsons
Broadcast Media Manager
Hanna Leadstrom
Account Manager
Mackenzie Carlson
Senior Media Planner
Shodee Sawyer
Digital Asset Manager Lead
Maggie Margosian
Content/Interactive Traffic Specialist
Andrea Serrian
Account Supervisor
Duke Borgerding
Associate Media Director
Brad Harrison
Creative Director
Stefanie Perez
Digital Producer
Michelle Metzig
Accounting Specialist
Tracy Krulich
Group Media Director
Laura Green
New Business Supervisor
Amanda Riley
Account Supervisor
Sheldon Clay
Group Creative Director
Dave Lewis
Sr. Content Producer/Art Production
Lauren Woods
Management Supervisor
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Lisa Holzemer
Account Director
Erin Hork
Project Manager
Mac Smith
Marketing Analytics Group Director
Emma Loude
Senior Account Executive
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Jane Kolles
Digital Asset Manager
Jennifer Reinke
Tal Tahir
Senior Designer
Caroline Rudzinski
Account Director
Maria Pazos
Planning Director
Chad Temples
Creative Director
Emily Birkeland
Media Supervisor
Gabriela Trejo
Lauren Bettenga
Media Relations Strategist
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Erin Lyon
Broadcast Media Manager
Scott Westerman
Senior Media Planner
Gemma Forbush
Social Strategist
Jay Ditzer
Melissa Butts
Senior Content Producer/Art Production
Megan Weber
Vice President
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Sharon Boucher
Executive Assistant/Admin Manager
Mitch Thompson
Senior Project Manager
Ben Vaske
Senior Media Planner
Brian Wipf
Senior Production Artist
Mandi Longtin
Senior Project Manager
Jennifer Knutson
Talent Payments Specialist
Doug Kieser
Senior Systems Programmer
Meagan Pagliara
Executive Planning Director
Steph Hayden
Associate Creative Director
Brynn Hausmann
Senior Executive Content Producer
Katie Joachim
Content Retoucher
Kyle Johnson
Senior Art Director
Maria Erikson
Content Studio Manager/Photographer
Megan Winterhalter
Associate Creative Director
Alex Spelhaug
Media Buyer
Quinlyn Mullaney
Account Supervisor
Megan Muelken
Associate Media Director
Anna Zuehlke
Account Director
Amy Marcus
Senior Digital Producer
Chris Gault
Creative Director
Mike Zupanc
Media Supervisor
Ed Huerta-Margotta
Director of Recruiting
Brenna Smithson
Director of Brand Planning
Jennifer Abbey
Senior Project Manager
Sarah Wolf
Brad Baker
Senior Editor
Patti Bettiga
Corporate Controller
Lauren Stoelk
Media Supervisor
Jonathan Bush
Product Information Manager
Seth Woehrle
Technical Writer
Abby Jenkins
Senior Account Manager
Lauren Fontaine
Senior Account Executive
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Mason Pint
Community Manager
James Sorbel
Senior Content Producer
Sabrina Diaz
Assistant Account Executive
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Jessica Grunklee
Sr. Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
Jim Boblett
Managing Director, Field Operations
Bridgit Flom
Maya Rait
Senior Content Specialist
Marie Spain-Maas
Accounting Supervisor
Andrea Thelen
Senior Project Manager
Anmol Desai
Eden Thompson
Planning Director
Emilie Hance
Technical Producer
Kevin McMaster
Network Manager
Spencer Allen
Content Specialist
Rebecca Derdoski
Analytics Manager
Kelsey Doherty
Senior Project Manager
Caleb Peabody
Account Manager
Hallie Fousek
Account Manager
Drew Stevens
Studio Lead
Vicki Cahill
Accounting Manager
Nellie Murray
Associate Media Director
Ashley Solem
Creative Manager
Charles Veit
Mac Systems Operations Manager
Katlyn Plourde
Media Supervisor
NeGail Torborg
Business Manager
Melissa Bakewell
Media Supervisor
Kue Chang
QA Analyst
Michale Sevy
Senior Digital Producer
Mark Allen
Mac Support Specialist/Network Administrator
Taylor Lord
Associate Media Director
Betsy Burgeson
Group Media Director
Courtney Thomas
Group Account Director
Vicki Oachs
Director of Business Affairs
Bob Berken
Associate Creative Director
Ritvik Nandipati
Analytics Supervisor
Courtney Struckman
Analytics Strategist
Meredith Paul
Project Management Supervisor
Laura Norton
Director of Office Services
Whitley Mike
Senior Designer
Rich McGeheran
Director of Digital Production
Dominique Anzano
Sr. Executive Content Producer
Barb Senger
Team Assistant
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Courtney Cody
Assistant Account Executive
Zack Johnson
Senior Writer
Lauren Hill
Media Supervisor
Dean Buckhorn
Group Creative Director
Irene Buettner-Salido
Social Specialist
Colin Murphy
Senior Media Planner
Lisa Brody
Project Management Supervisor
Irina Burlaku
Media Accountant
Rick Johnson
Studio Manager
Lauren Gause
Office Services Specialist
Anne Carlson
Talent Payments Specialist
Jennifer Corrigan
Managing Director
Eric Byrd
Studio Lead
Jessica Wood
Jacob Walter
Information Architect
John Sokolowski
Sarah Scherbring
Group Account Director
Shannon Gabrick
Project Management Supervisor
Haley Morris
Senior Media Planner
Tiffany Ng
UX Strategist
Trisha Sandau
Executive Digital Producer
Michelle Lippman
Senior Writer
Seta Djaferian
Human Resources Coordinator
Chase Dudley
Media Supervisor
June Metzger
Senior Traffic Specialist
Matt Avignon Petersen
Associate Social Director
Andrew Lapham
Associate Media Director
Jeff Young
Senior UX Architect
Mackenzie Halvorsen
Account Director
Andrew Wetzel
Senior Designer
Sydney Benson
Account Executive
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Molly Nemer
Senior Editor
Régine Labossière
Associate Director of Media Relations
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Alison Thompson
Billing Specialist
Grace Larson
Analytics Strategist
Tori Anderson
Media Accountant
Steve Dahl
Building Maintenance
Lauren Truong
Project Manager
Ellen Opacich
Art Director
Emily Crellin
Account Supervisor
Katia Holmes
Group Account Director
Kristen Guthrie
Human Resources Manager
Daniel Alves
Creative Director
Haley Finch
Greta Diers
Senior Account Supervisor
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Dan Branovan
Senior Content Specialist
Charlie Wolfe
Senior Manager of Print Production Services
Wade Stuart
Senior Technical Architect
Courtney Green
Senior Account Supervisor
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Jenn Kern
Group Media Director
Brad Wellman
Account Supervisor
Kyle Rossiter
Account Supervisor
Abby Minea
Project Manager
Beth Garcia
Executive Vice President
Carmichael Lynch Relate
Matt Rector
Senior Designer