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Love Is
Out There


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Love Is Out There

The world is filled with so many amazing people, places and things. To launch the adventurous new Crosstrek, and to attract new and younger drivers, we evolved the long-running "Love" campaign and invited millennials to head out and discover what they're passionate about in the rugged, unstoppable new Crosstrek.

The adventure began on national television.

The Crosstrek campaign launched with two national TV spots. Each cinematic story reminded viewers that love is sometimes found where you least expect it. And occasionally, you may need to charm a grumpy old dog along the way.

Forever Young

Welcome to the Pack

Nature called. And it used YouTube to do it.

We deployed the power of YouTube to entice consumers to explore some of the most unique activities out there. These :15 invitations ranged from Full-Contact Zorbing to Saddle Surfing, and each led to a custom product page on


Extreme Hammocking


Saddle Surfing

Whitewater Surfing

Interactive Nature Tours

We packed our social channels with packing tips.

We leveraged the hugely popular social phenomenon of Tasty and other online “how to” content, and we created these packing lists with a twist to capture young adventurous types who were planning their next adventure and showing how the new Crosstrek can help dial it up.

The Amazon “You May Also Love” Infiltration

We worked with Amazon to create the first-ever infiltration of their “similar product” recommendations. During our launch, shoppers who searched for adventurous products were served what appeared to be a real Amazon “You May Also Love” suggestion that paired the Crosstrek with everything from bear traps to flare guns. Interested drivers could then actually click and shop for a Crosstrek right there on Amazon.

Amazon Infiltration

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