Minnesota Twins
2020 Season


Minnesota Twins


2020 Season

Entering the 2020 season as the new owners of baseball’s all-time single-season team home run record, the Minnesota Twins had begun to forge an identity as a team with power, style, and swagger. Our work showcased the players’ personalities, cultures, and individual styles. It shook the dust off the team’s apple-pie image and brought a shot of energy to a season (and fans) that needed it.

Our work for the Twins set trends rather than followed them. We brought together 3D elements, raw footage and social imagery, high-speed photography, energy-driven, boundary-breaking design combined with cultural elements to give this midwestern league a current and global swagger.

No Hay Descanso (There is No Rest) :30

A simple rule fueled the production of these films: don’t tell people about the team, show them. We disrupted the usual press day photoshoots by encouraging the players to bring their own clothes, speak in their native languages, and not be shy about their blingy jewelry. The result, we hope, aren’t commercials as much as they are a wake-up call to fans hungry for some personality, swagger, and late-night highlights from their team for a change.

Squad :30

If 2019 was about breaking through the baseball tropes and embracing a new era for the brand, 2020 was all about owning the swagger that had been established and showcasing the team of stars who came to be known as the #BombaSquad.

We were pushed to explore type animation techniques, unique echo/pixel effects, and we utilized an array of 3D logo assets and pushed the limitations of the new color palettes.

In a COVID-shortened season, we gave Minnesota sports fans something to be excited about, even if they couldn’t visit in person, by putting speed, power, and swagger in the spotlight. And we gave the team a caffeine-addled design system that brought them to life in a way never seen in baseball.

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Minnesota Twins
2020 Season
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