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The Power of Possible


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The Power of Possible

The difference between possible and impossible? It’s a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others who believe it too. The Power of Possible serves as much more than a tagline for U.S. Bank — it’s a belief that when the expertise of 67,000 employees is put to the service of their customers’ ambitions, anything is possible.



Powering the Day

The Power of Possible is an emotional rallying cry for U.S. Bank, so instead of using our advertising to yell about what the bank can do, we used our messaging to reinforce what you can do, aligning with the type of people who are out there pursuing their goals every day.

The First-Ever Possibility Index

There are a lot of economic measures out in the world, but there wasn’t a measure of our possibilities. In 2017, U.S. Bank introduced The Possibility Index. It’s a measure of the interplay between our work and lives, our use of free time and our attitudes. The goal isn’t just to measure, but to learn more about the lives of the people U.S. Bank is serving.

Picturing Possible

Our goal wasn’t to create a magical world of possibility, but a real world where well-laid plans lead to real outcomes. To help bring that to life in the social space, we asked people what goals they would pursue with extra funds in our #Extra$100 contest.

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