REI came to Subaru looking for a partner for the next phase of their #OptOutside campaign. And we had an idea to engage a whole new audience—opt outside with dogs and Subaru. They loved it. We loved it. And we knew the pups would love it, too.

On the busiest shopping day of the year, Subaru created a caravan of 30 branded Outback SUVs that took shelter dogs and New York City dogs out of their kennels and apartments and into the great outdoors. We drove them to an upstate park where they could escape the concrete and enjoy the wonders of nature. This #OptOutside event generated news, editorial coverage, and an opportunity for all dog owners to share content.


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We created social posts that encouraged others to #OptOutside with their own pets. For every post that had the hashtags #MakeADogsDay and #OptOutside, Subaru pledged to donate $1 to the ASPCA. Thousands of pet owners ended up sharing photos and video of themselves and their dogs enjoying the great outdoors. And a grand total of $40,968 was raised.

In the end, Subaru helped REI further expand their #OptOutside cause on Black Friday, reaching a brand new audience with a different pet-focused approach. And we helped a lot of dogs along the way.

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