The Subaru Zero-Landfill Initiative




The Subaru Zero-Landfill Initiative

As the first automotive manufacturer in U.S. history to become zero landfill, Subaru has been approached by over 800 companies to help them become zero landfill, too. So when the National Park Service asked them to sponsor the year-long National Park centennial celebration, we encouraged Subaru to use this opportunity to do something of lasting historical importance for the parks – do what they’ve done for hundreds of others and help make the entire National Park System zero landfill.

Who We Are Is What We Leave Behind

Created to highlight Subaru’s long environmental history, as well as house their ongoing documentary series detailing our landmark National Parks zero-landfill project, we developed — an award-winning multimedia and interactive timeline in a form we felt perfectly reflected its subject matter: the ring of a tree.

To promote and honor the centennial of the National Parks, President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell authorized the creation of an IMAX film showcasing these beautiful and irreplaceable places. As a partner on the film, we were afforded the opportunity to speak directly to the viewers about our Zero Landfill Initiative and inspire them to help us reach the landmark goal of ending garbage in the parks forever.

Along with our boots-on-the-ground efforts in the parks themselves, another cornerstone of our plan to raise awareness of the problem and change behavior was talking with our most receptive and energetic audience: kids. Partnering with Google and National Geographic, we helped create a curriculum teachers could implement in the classroom to teach sustainability and environmental responsibility and their value to these places we all cherish.

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