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Live to the Full


Phillips 66


Live to the Full

Live to the Full celebrates the everyday journeys of the road. Not the big, mythic road trips. But the unappreciated trips. To the little league game. Or just the store and back. Because the road isn't just a place for exploration it's where we live out our lives, in that space between full and empty.



The campaign launch lined up perfectly with the Phillips 66 2018 Big 12 basketball championship. So we took over the Sprint Center, with everything from a human-sized living logo, a camper transformed into a brand info delivery vehicle, and an interactive social campaign.

At big, fancy sporting events, the athletes usually get all the accolades. But in the spirit of the Live to the Full campaign, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the Kansas City basketball community. So we found three amazing humans doing amazing things and gave them the championship treatment, including everything from a full photo shoot, mini-documentaries and an on-court shoutout during the tournament.

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