Minnesota Twins
2019 Season


Minnesota Twins


2019 Season

It’s an exciting time for the Minnesota Twins organization. New faces, new coaches, new season, new ballgame. Our 2019 campaign was purposefully built to reflect that newness. Raw. Visceral. Fluid. Disruptive. Unapologetically different. Our job was to show, not tell, this story. No headlines, no taglines, no sports marketing tropes. Just pure energy, designed for motion and progress to turn heads, reinvigorate the fanbase, and put fans back in seats at Target Field.



To bring the work to life in the world, our placements needed to reflect the campaign’s ethos of challenging perceptions. Since the design system is best observed in quantity, we utilized imagery from official Twins photographer Brace Hemmelgarn and opted for massive, nontraditional takeovers around the city. Uptown. Northeast. Dinkytown. Downtown. None were more prominent throughout the season than Twins Way, a huge pedestrian thoroughfare leading into Target Field.


To further cement the work in the daily lives of fans, Minneapolis’ iconic Nicollet Mall was also given the takeover treatment. Dozens of unique pieces were crafted for this highly trafficked street. From player-centric flagpole banners to bus shelter wraps to giant golden bears at light rail stops, the Twins’ presence was palpable.

The versatility of the design system translated seamlessly from out in the world to inside Target Field. So we undertook the complete overhaul of their in-game graphics package. Everything that could be redesigned was redesigned to marry-up with the campaign. If it blinked, moved, played or had words, numbers or videos, it was reworked and reskinned to reflect the modern, youthful look and feel of the 2019 Minnesota Twins.

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Minnesota Twins
2019 Season
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