It's no secret that Subaru owners really, really love their Subaru vehicles. And they're more than happy to tell you just how much they love them. This brand truth, combined with the insight that word-of-mouth is especially effective with millennials in today's digital world, was all the inspiration we needed. The result? Meet an Owner, a social site designed to foster organic, authentic conversations between curious car shoppers and real, impassioned Subaru owners.

Meet An Owner Case Study

Real, Live Chats with Real, Live Owners

In a digital world flooded with consumer reviews and rankings, we created a modern, relevant forum where the Subaru-curious could strike up an open dialogue with the Subaru-faithful. No pressure. No selling. Just honest answers.

Walk-around Videos

Owner-Created Advertising


Meet an Owner allows our audience to do exactly that – use to virtually meet owners all over the country and get their honest opinions about Subaru’s vehicles and what they love about them. So far, we’ve fostered more than 92 million introductions, connections and impressions between Subaru owners and prospective Subaru owners, and we’re still counting.

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