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For too long, people have believed Jack Link’s Jerky to be a frivolous snack – no better than a bag of cheese doodles or nacho-flavored corn chips. But Jack Link’s is made of meat and meat is made of protein and protein is good for you. So using a combination of nutritional statistics, highly scientific analysis and hamster wheels, we tested our product against all those other supposedly “healthier” snacks. By definitively proving Jack Link’s Jerky beats the snack out of other snacks, we won over some new consumers and took our rightful place among healthy protein snacks.


Snacktistical Fact: Fancy Grecian yogurt has more sugar and less jerky than Jack Link’s Jerky.

Comparing vital nutritional information is an activity that obviously requires impressive, carefully calibrated snack-measuring devices and which almost never boils down to simply reading the nutritional labels clearly printed on the packages.


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