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Hitched at Helzberg

The biggest day of your life is now available at Helzberg Diamonds. We were asked to reinvigorate the 100-year-old jewelry brand, generate buzz and increase foot traffic, so we worked with them to implement a service that no other jeweler has: we ordained their associates to offer real weddings in stores. Yes, now you can get the ring and get hitched at any Helzberg location nationwide.

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Custom Helzberg Ordination Hub

To turn this idea into an actual service available to Helzberg customers, we entered into a first-ever brand partnership with Universal Life Church, one of the world’s largest online ordination organizations, to ordain more than 1,000 Helzberg associates. We created extensive toolkits offering sample vows and instructions for legal marriages in every state. When couples were ready to make it official, Helzberg was ready to officiate.

Hitched at Helzberg is the biggest, longest-lasting, experiential activation that the brand has ever undertaken. We introduced a new kind of retail experience that provided Helzberg the opportunity to build an incredible bond with its customers by being a part of one of life’s major milestones.

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