Orlee Tatarka

Director of Integrated Production

Orlee Tatarka is the director of integrated production and a senior partner at Carmichael Lynch. It’s a role that allows her to fully flex her natural curiosity, the cornerstone of her career. It’s also possibly the most invaluable trait for a producer who leads work ranging from multi-million dollar brand campaigns to smaller budget work focused on creating multiple pieces of versatile content and, increasingly, things that have never been made before.

Before moving to Minnesota, Orlee spent 16 years in New York. She journeyed from planning to design to account management before finding her true niche as a producer, first at BBH then at Wieden + Kennedy, New York, where she spent the past nine years working on brands like Ford, Sprite, Vitamin Water, Nike/Jordan, Spotify, Bud Light, ESPN and Southern Comfort.

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