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Creativity Editor’s Pick of the Day: Subaru’s Boy Who Breaks Everything

You know the kid in this commercial (or maybe even recognize a bit of him in yourself): the innocent sort who moves through the world haplessly — not out of recklessness, but due to a certain jinxed aura. As we listen to a gently plaintive piano tune that serves as the ad’s soundtrack, we witness our young protagonist wrecking his bike, spilling the contents of his backpack, botching a classroom presentation and more.

When, near the end of the spot, we see him get behind the wheel of a car, panic seems like the appropriate response — but then we hear his understanding mother in voice-over: “At our house, we need things that are built to last.” After a pause for effect, she adds, “That’s why we got a Subaru.”
And so The Boy Who Breaks Everything will live to see another day (of low-level screw-ups).

Read the article on Creativity here.

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