Minnesota Twins
This Is How
We Baseball


Minnesota Twins


This Is How
We Baseball

Welcome to Target Field. Where we stuff brats with molten cheese and load bases with champions. Where we built an outdoor ballpark on purpose. Our home plate honors legends. And our helmets honor ice cream. It's where play happens in the stands as much as it does on the diamond. This is the home of the Minnesota Twins. And This Is How We Baseball.

Can't Stop

Buck Yeah

This Is How We Baseball was inspired from that intangible feeling you can only get within Target Field. We incorporated locally sourced materials and textures from the ballpark itself into a modular system of illustrations and bold, ownable type. It’s full of movement, breathing action into every piece so that whether we’re talking about the game, players, fans or ballpark, it all communicates that This Is How We Baseball. 

We use illustration to enhance the action of any scenario throughout the campaigns from players to fans and even T.C. Bear. It adds flair to the Twins’ messaging and creates work that pops among the noise of sports advertising.

The 2018 Twins season ticket box is something season ticket holders look forward to every January, and it gave us the opportunity to give them a sneak peek at the new design.

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This Is How
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