Dress Like a Mom




Dress Like a Mom

Moms are the heart of Evereve. From the opening of their very first location in 2004, they've dedicated themselves to empowering moms through fashion. Today, we've brought their mission to life with a campaign that redefines what it means to Dress Like a Mom. We wanted to embrace the truth that all moms are beautiful and powerful, so we focused on creating show-stopping, high-fashion images of moms wearing the latest in Evereve's signature styles.

Our work featured models with their own kids. Because who better to show the world what it really means to Dress Like a Mom than an actual mom?

“Even when Evereve was just a dream of mine I knew I wanted to create a place where moms could come to feel beautiful, powerful and stylish,” said Evereve Co-Founder and Co-CEO Megan Tamte. “The ‘Dress Like A Mom’ campaign brings our vision full circle. It’s bold and fun and speaks authentically to moms today, and I’m thrilled to see this come to life.”

– Evereve Co-Founder and Co-CEO Megan Tamte

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